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Magnificence & Mastery

2018 reduces to a 2 and also to an 11 in numerology.

The 2 behind 11 stands for spiritual strength. 
2 represents peace, cooperation and loving service.

11 is a master number. 
2/11 governs creative wisdom. 
This is a year of being, allowing, patience and receiving.
This 2/11 year fully supports rapid acceleration of self-mastery
and the energetic expansion to an elevated octave range.
2 and 11 hold tender vibrations and represent steady movement toward personal independence.

Equally embrace your strengths and weaknesses during this year. Tolerance sweeps through the world. Illuminate all of the shadowy parts of yourself longing to be revealed into the light of transformation. As you witness and acknowledge your shadow it will dissipate into nothingness and fade from your reality.

2018 orients you in a new direction. 
Take action on your desires this year...there is overwhelming energetic support for the achievement of your dreams at this time. 

This 2018 remedy has been lovingly prepared for you with meticulous care.Created through an alchemical process to offer an additional layer of energetic support to you in resonating with your desires.

The remedy contains water infused with the 
subtle yet powerful vibrations of moonlight, sunlight and heavenlight, along with beneficial flower essences, oils, crystalline vibrations and healing energy frequencies

Recommended usage:
Close your eyes. Breathe into this moment in time. 
Gaze out into the blank slate of the next 12 moons,
feel where you would like to land and what you would like your life to look like at the stroke of midnight on December 31st during the final lunar cycle of 2018. Deeply anchor your intentions into your body through feeling your desired outcome.
Allow the space for even more than you could ever possibly conceive to actualize. Spray the remedy an arms length above your head and allow it to fall gently into your energy field to support you in aligning with your desire.

Remember who you truly are.

made with love by Elizabeth


2018 Remedy -

Purchase yours while supplies last! 
Have it handy at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve


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