The first time I used the Relax Sauna was after I developed a severe case of Sciatica, after just one session I started to feel so much better that I decided to purchase one and I use it every day. I am happy to say that my Sciatica is much better now. My entire family use the sauna. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and I highly recommend it for relaxing, healing, detoxing and for your general overall health.

DC- New Jersery

Spiritual Beauty addresses all my needs making me more aware of who I am and what health, beauty and spiritual solutions work for me. Elizabeth's education, deep commitment and passion makes her my "go to" for spa treatments, proven health and beauty technology and spiritual workings on my inner self. In my busy life, I find I get grounded being in the company of this trusted advisor who is educated and experienced in inner health and beauty.

SW - New Jersey

I love my far infrared sauna that I purchased from the Healing Light Sauna Company! I use it every morning and I feel energized for the rest of my day. After the first use I could literally wipe the toxins away (my sweat looked brown) and after consecutive uses I noticed my sweat became clear. I am a server in a restaurant and I and I am on my feet all day and I love coming home to my sauna. It takes away all my aches and totally relaxes me. :)

JR - Key West, Florida


Recently, I had a very moving Resonance Repatterning session with Elizabeth Kochanik, a truly gifted energy worker and wonderful aesthetician, at her Spiritual Beauty Center, in Highlands. As Lisa explained to me, the particular form of energy work brings you into resonance with what you want and keeps you from resonating with what you don’t want. During our time together, Lisa and I worked on changing my perspective of some dear relationships in my life. I had various experiences during my repatterning. As we started, I assuredly felt surrounded by some of my loved ones that had passed. (I usually feel very benevolent beings around me at her Center.) As we progressed in the work I experienced very strong emotions. And oddly enough, something that we were getting into caused some noticeable pressure at my temples. Later on my ears popped and the pressure was released. (I don’t know what that was about!) When we concluded, Lisa asked me to be mindful of how I felt in the days after the treatment. As the week progressed, I felt lighter and happier, as if an amazing burden had been lifted. I seemed as if a sad aspect of my life had been rewritten to a happier, truer reality. When I saw my family a few days later, I had the most wonderful, loving time with them. That has been my experience with them ever since. I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful sanctuary of beauty and spirit right here in the Highlands. I know Lisa to be a person of the highest integrity, who is dedicated to bringing true well-being to her clients.I encourage anyone who feels inkling to investigate this energy work or would love an incredible facial to follow his or instincts and visit Spiritual Beauty Center.

LB - New Jersey


I do not write many testimonials as I am a very busy person. But I do take the time when I find a product that is exceptional. I love my sauna! I use it every single day. In the winter time or when I am cold I find myself using it sometimes twice a day.  I have noticed a big difference in how I feel, how my joints feel and how my feet are not so cold anymore indicating an increase in circulation. My skin feels soft and supple.   I often find myself using my sauna time as meditation time.  I come out feeling so relaxed.  And that's another benefit.   When I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed, 15 minutes in my sauna can give me a new outlook on life!  After a long stressful day 15 minutes can relax me enough to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! I can't say enough nice things about this product.  It's easy to set up, doesn't take up much space and is well made.  Try it, you'll like it!

AS-New Jersey